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Aug 20, 2011

Second Helpings

by Abi Weaver

Last night saw the World Premier of BENEATH THE SKY at Europe House with the director and the presence Bosnian Ambassador, while we screened the UK Premiere of Elisa Mantin’s IN THE SHADOWS OF DEATH at the Courthouse cinema to an appreciative audience. The top-notch panel following the film about Roberto Saviano resulted in a long debate that when on for many hours after leaving the cinema.

Today, there is a second chance to see both films.

BENEATH THE SKY is playing in a double-bill with FULL DISCLOSURE at the Frontline Club. Both director’s will be present.

IN THE SHADOWS OF DEATH is again at the Courthouse Hotel Cinema followed by another fascinating panel line-up.
Annalisa Piras (Chair) Media Strategy Advisor. Writer, broadcaster, freelance commentator on
EU and Italian Current Affairs. TV producer with 20 years experience
in International Journalism, print and broadcast, and President of the Foreign Press Association in London.
Federico Ippoliti.
Expert on organized crime from Circolo Radio Londra of the London
group of the Italian party Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà (Left Ecology
and Freedom, SEL). Christopher Duggan
. Professor of Italian History, University of Reading. Director of
Centre for Modern Italian History. He has written and researched
extensively on many aspects of modern Italian history.
Gaia Servadio.
Expert on the mafia. Author of “A Profile of a Mafia Boss”, “Mafioso: A
History of the Mafia as a social phenomenon”.
Vice-President Foreign Press Association, London from 1989 to 1994. As a journalist has worked as the London correspondent for La Stampa,
l’Espresso, l’Europeo, Art correspondent for Il Corriere della sera;
in the UK, amongst others, The Times, The Observer, The Sunday Times,
The Independent, The Telegraph group. TV documentaries: On the Mafia
(Murder by Neglect BBC1) and Alcamo, the Mafia mentality BBC 2.

Book early and on-line for either event.

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