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Nov 26, 2016

Selection 2

by Patrick Hazard

Other Than Our Sea | 10 | Valentina Ferrandes | Italy

From the relics of an ancient greek colony in Southern Italy, to modern day shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea, a story of exploration told through fragments of classical literature, flashes of ethnographic films and manipulated excerpts of current newsreels. Referencing the recent tragic circumstances that have drowned thousands of migrants departing from Northern Africa to seek asylum in Europe, the film looks at the idea of traveling at sea in times of conflict. A journey that can be a leap into the unknown, a voyage of discovery, or forced migration, death as well as rebirth.

Downtown Village (Pequena Aldeia) | 13 | Luciana Nanci/ Priscilla Pomerantzeff | Brazil

Enrique looks at Roosevelt Square from his window. The gaze of an immigrant upon one of the most diverse and one of the only actually occupied public spots in São Paulo. Before his eyes an unusual village-like life in the heart of South America’s largest megalopolis unfolds. Enrique contemplates life away from his origins and the passing of time through his memories and the digital impressions taken amongst the urban noise.

I Have a Weapon | 22 | Ahmad Shawar | Palestine

The story of the Palestinian village “Kafar Kaddoum”, which enages in a weekly march to demand the retrieval of land after it has been confiscated by Israeli occupation forces. The film foucuses on the popular resistance techniques that participants are adopting.

Repoman | 15 | Giacomo Gex/Bruno Gex | Spain

A day in the life of a repoman in Los Angeles, USA.

The Dream of Shahrazad | 107 | Francois Verster | South Africa

Weaving together music, politics and storytelling, the film explores recent Middle East events through the metaphor of THE 1001 NIGHTS. Drawing on Shahrazad, the storyteller princess who saves lives, a Turkish youth orchestra conductor, an Egyptian storytelling troupe, a troubled Lebanese actress and others put creativity to new political use.

A Tale of Love, Madness and Death (Un cuento de amor, locura y muerte) | 22 | Mijael Bustos Gutiérrez | Chile

The film director’s uncle is schizophrenic and his grandmother suffers from a terminal illness. The grandfather who is unable to take care of both, must decide between his wife or his son.

Dream of Sara (Sonho de Sara) | 8 | Gabriel Sanna | Brazil

A car crosses the landscape, images converge in the unknown. An experimental visual poem.

Nowhere Place | 27 | Susanne Opstal | Netherlands

Where do you find the essence of your existence? On the peaks of the highest mountains in the world? Even higher, on an uninhabited planet from which you can never escape? Or is it in the deepest sorrow, by leaving a trail of destruction that will never be forgotten. This essay documentary follows various people on their quest and inevitably leads to the question: how far do you want to go?

White Nights | 20 | Rola Shamas | Iran

Street musicians on New Year’s Eve play to make a living. They face a difficult situation but in the end the show must go on.

Dissonance (Dissonans) | 29 | Theis Mølstrøm Christensen | Denmark

Søren and Malene met and fell in love by playing and improvising music together. They had a child, but were shortly after both diagnosed with cancer. They haven’t played music together since. This film creates three rooms where the participants can play and once again find their common tune.

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