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Dec 10, 2016

LIDF.2 Founders

by Patrick Hazard

Rather like Bob Dylan’s ‘Never Ending Tour’. The LIDF will from 2017 be a permanent on-line and ‘live’ event. An attempt to engage constantly. It also wants to work with filmmakers directly and for them to be a part of the process. How best can the LIDF represent the work of so many people? Well, we can start by those people being a part of the process. Ownership is a very strange concept. The LIDF belongs to nobody but it does need these people who are now part of our structure.

Lucia Tambini

T W Maine

Square Face Productions

R Marshall

John Helde

Warp 8 Enterprises

Present Films

Potolahi Procuctions

Franca Cereghini

Shafiur Rahman

Joanna Lewis


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LIDF.2 Founders

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