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Nov 6, 2017

LIDF17 Official Selection

by Patrick Hazard

From Romanian migrants who sculpt from damp sand full-size labrador dogs on the pavements of London, to a new interpretation of Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ that explores complex ideas of creativity and ritual; from a young woman who explores her sexuality and autonomy through body-performances like something from Grotowski’s Poor Theatre to a portrait of a motorway rest-stop cafe; from an eclectic mix of international shorts to the humanitarian crises of refugees fleeing across the mediterranean as far as Calais, the LIDF presents again an eclectic mix of long and short films from around the globe that is bound to stimulate debate, reflection and action. As ever themes emerge without asking, a reflection of the concerns of the moment. This year the subject of forced migration and refugees has come to the fore. The LIDF dedicates its Sunday screenings to explore this subject alongside contributors from the UN News and Media, Al Jazeera, Action UK and International Alert. To see the full programme click HERE.

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