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Dec 1, 2017

LIDF17 Award Nominations

by Patrick Hazard

LIDF17 Award Nominations

SHORT FILM CATEGORY (less than 40 minutes)

Callum Innes Exposed
Gautier Deblonde | 2017 | Scotland | 12

Callum Innes, born in 1962, is one of the most important Scottish minimalist painters of his generation. His paintings are created through a process of addition and subtraction, sometimes removing sections of paint from the canvases surface with turpentine. Filmed during 5 days, in silent sequence shots, we see the artist at work, in the solitude of his studio.

Mum, Me and the House
Marjolijn Prins |2016 | Belgium |38

When Debbie (47) is diagnosed with cancer her son Sam (27) decides to postpone his plans to travel the world. He is convinced the incessant work renovating her dream house on the French countryside is the main cause of her illness. Together they undertake a journey to find the right course of treatment. Though this brings them closer together than they’d ever been, whenever they get back to the house, Debbie falls straight back into her old, industrious habits.

Drew Nikonowicz – Notes from Anywhere
Mattia Mura | 2017 | Italy | 13

Drew Nikonowicz (b. 1993) is a photographer from Saint Louis, Missouri. He has been awarded the Aperture Portfolio Prize and the Lenscratch Student Prize. His work investigates the role of the 21st century explorer through a combination of analog photography and computer simulations. In 2016, Nikonowicz participated in a year-long residency at Fabrica Research Centre in Treviso, Italy. This was the first time he had gone overseas.

Sand Men
Tal Amiran | 2017 | UK | 14

Neculai, Aurel and Raj all left their homes in Romania for the same reason – to seek a better life for their families. Now, in Britain, with their loved ones depending on them, they survive by creating sand sculptures on London’s streets. They try to find hope in the hardships they endure, while thoughts of their children’s futures keep them going.

Shame and Soul
Marco Pavan | 2017 | Italy | 28

British documentary photographer Giles Duley and Syrian artist Semaan Khawam, now living in Lebanon, connect through their arts. Giles and Seeman prove that are no barriers between human beings, when their hearts beat together. The documentary tells the story of their encounter, that happened in January 2017 in Beirut.

Jenny Holt | 2017 | UK | 19

Run-down and ghettoised, or one of the most beautiful valleys in the area? The entangled identity of a housing estate lying on the edge of the Yorkshire moors.

Transit Zone
Frederik Subel | 2017 | UK | 32

Set in the mysterious murky confines of the ‘jungle’ in Calais, Transit Zone follows Teefa, a young man who fled the regime in Sudan with big dreams of a new life in the UK.

Persona, Primary Structures
Mikel Belascoain & Miguel Goni Aguinaga | 2017 | Spain | 39

‘Persona’ is a documentary film directed by the Spanish artist Mikel Belascoain and the photographer Miguel Goñi Aguinaga. This movie has been filmed during the process of creation. A work inspired by the dialogue between the artist and people who suffer severe neurological diseases. This film is part of the experimental project of the same name initiated by Manuel Murie, Neurologist and President of the Spanish Society of Neuro-rehab and the artist Mikel Belascoain.

Shreya Madhogarhia | 2017 | France | 10

An experimental short film from a graduate of the world famous La Fémis film school in Paris. From a match of foosball all the way to Chinese massage, ‘Flip-flop’ is made of some very different things that unfold in an unexpected harmony. It is a film that takes pleasure in the relation of one with the other, and openly invites the spectator to do the same.


CHILL – The Road to David’s Gelato
Mirjam van Veelen | 2017 | Netherlands | 61

David, a 25-year-old Dutch cook follows his dream to become an Italian ice cream maker. CHILL follows his journey from the Greek island of Mykonos via Italy to the Dutch city of Gouda, with David adapting and refining his dream to open his own shop along the way.

In Love as In Live
Turi Finocchiaro, Nathalie Rossetti, Nicolas Liguori | 2017 | France/Belgium | 60

Raymond and Raymond love each other. When one of them, already HIV positive for the past 27 years, gets cancer, their struggle becomes a joint one. Expressing their love to their friends, they try to shape a new life, full of the unknown. Their journey sweeps us along on an amazing sentimental odyssey.

Portrait of a Young Woman
Stephane Arnoux | 2017 | France | 80

‘Misungui’ is Marion’s pseudonym. Her identity is built on sensual or startling pictures that abound on social networks. In queer Parisian circles, she is famous for her erotic and situationist performances. In “real life”, the young libertarian feminist lives as a squatter, as she waits for the opportunity to carry out another self-managed project somewhere else. In the meantime, she tries to link together precariousness and invention, intimacy and politics.

Highway Rest Stop
Isabelle Ingold | 2017 | France | 55

A portrait of a motorway rest area located in the countryside of northern France. It looks like a dream, filled with the whispers thoughts and the lives of those who work here, as well as those who are just passing through. It is also a very concrete place, a perfect spot to observe today’s Europe, the violence carried by the free competition of a single market, the nostalgia carried by uprooted lives, and all the solitude engendered by our modern world.

Braving the Waves
Mina Keshavarz | 2017 | Iran | 90

Roghieh is a woman in Southern Iran who is trying to secure jobs for women in her community. She has created and manages a Bazaar where over 800 women work, but a local politician, the mayor, threatens her. He wants to destroy the Bazaar and build a big shopping mall.

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