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Feb 11, 2018

The All-Time Top Vegas Movies

by Patrick Hazard

It’s easy to see why Vegas also known as Sin City has ended up in Hollywood movies for decades. The high rollers, glamour and glitz of the city’s casinos are settings for some dramatic fictional and real-life stories. Here’s our list of the top most-memorable, palm-sweating and thrilling Vegas movies that you can check out. Let us know if we miss any movie that should be on the list!


This 1995 movie directed by Martin Scorsese is based on real-life characters like Frank Rosenthal (played by Robert De Niro), who ran several casinos in the 70s and 80s and based on the Italian mob that controlled these casinos. The movie, which also stars Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, is well-acted and violent. Plus, it has a fantastic soundtrack to look forward to, featuring The Moody Blues and Fleetwood Mac.

The Hangover

More recently, Vegas was featured on The Hangover. Sin City is a favourite destination for bachelor parties. But what happens when during a night of revelry, you lose the groom and end up with a tiger and a baby in your possession? If you enjoy a classic comedy with slapstick elements and hijinks, you’ll find The Hangover humorous.


Bugsy offers an interesting look at how gambling started in Las Vegas, way before mobile slots. You see how the mobs turn a desert town into a casino town. There’s a lot of dirty money and conspiracies involved. This 1991 movie was directed by Barry Levinson and tells the story of the real-life Bugsy Siegel, who is played magnificently by Warren Beatty, and his relationship with Annette Hill, played by Annette Benning.

Ocean’s Thirteen

This is the third film in the Ocean series, and like the other two, it involves some big names and a heist set in LA and Las Vegas. There’s a lot of plotting in this movie, but it also has gorgeous colours and jazzy editing, in the words of one critic. Another critic said, there’s no romance or human motivation, so if you’re looking for these things when you take a break from your mobile slots, this is not the movie for you.


This is one of the movies that deals with the seedier side of Las Vegas that you won’t find on your mobile slots. It tells the story of a young street-smart drifter played by Elizabeth Berkley, who goes to Las Vegas and starts out as a stripper then goes on to become a showgirl. The movie didn’t do very well. It made it to the list of one of the worst films ever made. But it’s also considered a cult classic.

Viva Las Vegas

This movie brings back Elvis, who still lives on in Vegas. In Viva Las Vegas, Elvis plays a race-car driver who goes to Vegas to participate in a Grand Prix. But he’s run out of money and must find a way to make some for a new car engine. In the meantime, he’s attracted to a swimming instructor played by singer and actress Ann-Margret, who has often been called the Female Elvis.

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