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Apr 29, 2019

How Budding Filmmakers can Leverage the Power of the Digital Domain

by Patrick Hazard

There is no doubt that the movie industry has undergone profound changes over the past two decades. This is due in large part to the presence of the Internet. Websites such as Netflix and YouTube have provided filmmakers with entirely new possibilities to market their projects to the general public and thanks to a viewing audience that knows no geographical borders, it is now possible to enjoy unparalleled levels of exposure. However, the majority of directors and producers are unaware of how to properly leverage the digital tools at their disposal. This is why it is important to answer two questions. First, how do enterprise ecommerce software relate to the movie industry? Secondly, what are some of the hallmarks of a worthwhile third-party provider?

A Quick Look at Enterprise E-Commerce Solutions

We should begin be defining enterprise e-commerce in direct relation to the film industry. This type of software is essentially utilised to promote an ongoing marketing campaign, to interact with the audience and to provide the end user with a clear means to navigate the website in question. In other words, e-commerce solutions can be thought of as the middlemen between initial interest and a specific client-oriented action (such as purchasing an online movie). Some other useful features which could be moulded around the needs of the filmmaker include:

  • Secure payment gateways
  • Multi-channel marketing solutions
  • Real-time customer interaction
  • The ability to determine the efficacy of a specific advertising campaign

In other words, possessing nothing more than a standalone website is hardly sufficient for those who have been looking for a more efficient means to appeal to their target audience. The next logical question therefore involves knowing how to spot the hallmarks of a respected provider.

Separating the Good from the Bad

As should already be expected, not all e-commerce providers have been created equally. Some are intended to be used in synergy with large organisations while others assume that the website owner already possesses coding knowledge. Both of these situations will generally not apply to the budding filmmaker. Instead, he or she is looking for a simple and straightforward way to reach as large of an audience as possible. This is why the best e-commerce solutions in the business will offer a agile framework that can be moulded around the needs of the individual in question.

Another important point to emphasise involves the ability to integrate this software within the existing architecture of a website. This is obviously more preferable when compared to having to redesign the entire portal from the ground up. Finally, it is crucial that the e-commerce host provides superior levels of customer support in the event that a question or problem suddenly arises. The good news is that there are many cutting-edge providers to choose from, so performing a good deal of research in advance is always wise.

The film industry continues to evolve and with the right tools, even those with little experience can take full advantage of the digital world.

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