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Desert Lights (Luces del Desierto)

Félix Blume | 2021 | France | 30 min

Some strange lights appear at night in the Mexican desert. The residents tell us what they’ve seen: fire, a fireball, lights flying, lightning falling from the sky and a flash. The singularity of each experience builds a complete story narrated by a choir of people. An encounter with this strange phenomena can be surprising, dangerous or even fatal. The night isn’t as dark as it seems. The desert is full of all kinds of living beings. This emptiness is the place for everyone. ‘Desert Lights’ invites us to open our eyes wide in the twilight and to listen to the sounds hidden in the blackness. A horror movie, in the darkness of the desert.

Primer Premio Sección Oficial de Cortometrajes Internacionales at L’Alternativa 28 (2021)

Grand Prize Video Art at Côté Court, 2021

Best Short Film at FilmOptico, 2021 

Honorific Mention at Cinema Planeta, 2021

Mención Especial at Competencia Mexicana de Documental Shorts México, 2021

Mention for the Night Award at Festival Signes de Nuit and Night Award at Festival Signos da Noite, 2021

Honorable Mention for Best Documentary at Tacoma Film Festival, 2021

Jury Award for Provoking Imaginary Spaces at Signos de la Noche, Tucuman, Argentina, 2021


Photos from LIDF