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Art/Experimental Shorts

Start: 26 May 2011 7:00 pm

Venue: The Groucho Club

26 May 2011 7:00 pm
The Groucho Club
020 7439 4685
45 Dean Street, London, United Kingdom, W1D 4QB

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UK Premiere
Felix Dufour-Laperriere | 6 mins

Masculine noun, shortened form of striptease. From "strip", to remove, to take away, and "tease", to entice, to tempt. And then all this in the plural.

In Strips, a vintage erotic film is cut into stripes and then reassembled. As these filmstrips are displaced and manipulated, a shift from figuration to abstraction occurs. A playful look at what is shown and hidden in the image, on erotism, and the ideas of presence and absence.
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UK Premiere Watch trailer
Eckhard Kruse | | 9:55 mins

The earth's land surface measures 149 million squares kilometres – about three football fields per person. But how are we using this space? Everyone wants to go and live in the same nice places. So, there it's getting really tight ...... The film looks at the earth's inhabitants in all the places they live, wide and tight, and raises a wry smile at some very strange behaviour.

Background / director's statement:
The film is based on material I have collected throughout recent years. When travelling, I usually have a video camera with me, capturing everything that looks interesting to me – often without knowing what might finally become out of it. After spending a week in Japan in 2007, I started to further work out the idea to have a look at the 'tightness' on this planet and to contrast it with nature and wideness. The film somewhat homourously tries to investigate human behaviour and why we are often so negligent about what happens to nature or to people in other parts of the world. After a somewhat playful start und various lighthearted observations it moves towards an end with a clear message: Everybody has to take responsibility for what is happening on our planet.

Countries appearing in the film: Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey, USA.
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Paintbrushes and Panels

UK Premiere
Vivian Ostrovsky | , | 15'51 mins

This short documentary was made for an exhibition in Rio of the work of Paulo Werneck, one of Oscar Niemeyer’s collaborators. Werneck was the first to introduce mosaics into Brazilian Modernist architecture. A piece of art itself the film is a montage of sounds and music that skillfully invokes the context of the artist’s work in Rio and Belo Horizonte during the 50s and the 60s, as well as Brasilia at the time of its construction in 1960. An inventive collage of archival footage, music and Werneck’s modernist mosaics.
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Undertow Eyes – BEST SHORT FILM LIDF 2011

+ World Premiere
Petra Costa | | 20 mins

Vera and Gabriel have been married for sixty years. In Undertow Eyes they reflect on their own story: the first flirtations, the birth of their children, life and aging. In the act of remembering, images from their family history and from the present intermingle, creating an affectionate and oneiric tone. Through the couple’s recollections and stories, the film presents a personal and existential tale about love and death.
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UK Premiere
Christophe Hermans | | 12 mins

Sophie lives alone. She spends her time between small jobs and moving flat. She creates a sculpture of her body, to fill the empty space of her life.
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European Premiere
Adele Wilkes | | 26 mins

'Face' focuses on Beautiful Agony, on ongoing collaborative art project that collects video self-portraits of faces during orgasm. A filmmaker who has been working behind the scenes on the project decides to experience the other side of the lens, turning the camera on herself for the first time. This intimate and confronting documentary features a collage of unique perspectives from individuals who have contributed to the project, as well as the project's founder Lauren Olney and art theorist Edward Colless. 'Face' is a kaleidoscopic odyssey through the concurrently universal and uniquely individual experience of sexual pleasure and its artistic expression.
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