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International Shorts 1.

Start: 25 May 2012 4:00 pm

Venue: Portobello PopUP Cinema

25 May 2012 4:00 pm
Portobello PopUP Cinema
274 Portobello Road,, London, United Kingdom, W10 5TY

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The Ambassador and Me

UK Premiere
Jan Czarlewski | | 15 mins

His Excellency, the plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Belgian Crown sacrificed his entire life for his country. His dedication came with a price. He never really had time for his son. His son, however, admires his father, and longs to be like him, but knows he is quite different. This is what happens when he goes to Brussels to try to make up for lost time.

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The Thin Line

World Premiere Watch trailer
Michel Gajardo | | 9 mins

A short documentary film about stability in our city-lives and the paths we follow to achieve this.

Starring Rob Tito Cartwright an Australian slack rope walker who makes a living by performing close to the traffic lights.

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Hurdy Gurdy

London Premiere
Daniel Seideneder, Daniel Pfeiffer | | 4 mins

“Hurdy Gurdy” is the english term for a barrel organ. Just like a barrel organ that repeats its song over and over again, everything in this film is in constant motion: trains, cars, airplanes, ships and people. Yet what is real and what is fake? This short film uses its extraordinary aesthetics to question reality.
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The Panda Rabbit

World Premiere Watch trailer
Randy D. Rosario | 06:36 mins

The Panda Rabbit is a hybrid animal who isolates himself from the world because he is different and unloved. He finds solace in his TV but is soon sucked into the television world and finds it much less enticing than he thought. The Panda Rabbit battles his way through the television world and eventually makes it back to reality. He is then greeted by a stranger that can change his life.

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UK Premiere
Dorothea Carl I Claudia Reiche | | 12 mins

In the course of urban gentrification the demolition of buildings provides numerous spectacles of precise destruction. Passers-by gather and watch. Collective protest is rare. Instead, there is either admiration for the unbelievable power of the demolition machinery or fascinated dismay. This experimental film examines the zone of uncertainty that exists between the spectacular and the (hidden) structural elements of capitalism.

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The Talking Walls of Lahore

World Premiere
Numra Siddiqui | | 14 mins

The Talking Walls of Lahore is a short documentary about gra!ti in Pakistan's cultural heartland. Words consume the city's every last visible space: from herbal practitioners advertising impotency cures to political and religious slogans. In a country battling economic & political instability, facing an uncertain future, these ‘wall chalkings’ form a rich amalgamation of contradictory messages. The Talking Walls of Lahore journeys through an ancient city, exploring the complexities of how words are used and absorbed in a multitude of dimensions. It tells the story of how people can come to author and lay claim to their own city. The act of writing becomes emancipation, defying forces that attempt to bind individual expression.
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