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International Shorts 1

Start: 17 May 2011 6:30 pm

Venue: The Gopher Hole

17 May 2011 6:30 pm
The Gopher Hole
350-354 Old Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9NQ

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Nothing But The Magnificent

Sara Cook | | 6 mins

‘Nothing But The Magnificent’ explores the disappearance, re-emergence and ultimate path to redemption of Graham Simpson, the enigmatic former bassist and original co-founder of Roxy Music. Following his recording of ‘Roxy Music’ in 1972, Simpson pre-maturely left the band. Rumours of breakdowns drug taking and religious quests fuelled his departure only a year before Brian Eno left.

Back on the scene in London's Ladbroke Grove in 2010, after having been unwittingly discovered by artist and neighbour Sara Cook, Graham starts to fill in the years since his disappearance from the band. Reflecting on the ‘embryonic’ early days of Roxy Music, Graham slowly begins to unravel the mysteries and re-write the history books in what will be Roxy Music’s 40th Anniversary.

From Moroccan prisons to Sufism to Don Juan to heavy doses of Nepalese Oil, Simpson was the one that got away. Myths and legends have followed this man, a modern Lord Lucan who has left the world somewhat quiet as to the whereabouts of his elusive musical genius, who to this day has still not been replaced by Ferry. We visit the man who leaves more of a legacy from one seminal album than a bassist with a career spanning fifty years.
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Gadi Lohardaga Mail

UK Premiere
Biju Toppo, Meghmath | | 27 mins

The Purulia-Ranchi narrow-gauge line opened in November 1907. A narrow gauge train ran on the track till January 2004, when it was withdrawn, before conversion of the track to broad-gauge. Realising that train journeys would never be the same again on the route, Meghnath and Biju Toppo thought of documenting it’s final journey. And a group of prominent personalities, singers and filmmakers from the region, such as Mukund Naik, Ram Dayal Munda, Madhu Mansuri “Hansmukh”, Aswini Pankaj and Punam Kerketta, joined the two of them.

The film is an emotional journey with the travellers reminiscing about the train and the memories associated with it. And songs play a major role in the narrative. Through Nagpuri songs, the personalities on the train brings forth the angst of those leaving their beloved, their homes, their families and their roots, perhaps for ever. These were songs that were sung in the days when the train became popular, especially among those leaving for the Assam tea gardens.

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See Wall

World Premiere
Brian Zahm | | 5 mins

Georgetown, Guyana, a city built below sea level, is protected from the mighty Atlantic Ocean by a concrete barrier the locals call, the 'Sea Wall.' It is not only a wall, but also a landmark where the city's people gather to celebrate life. For five days, right before sunset, the award-winning filmmaker Brian Zahm filmed life along this wall to create a tribute to the people of Guyana. The play of sight and sound in this dynamic cinematic environment is one you will not forget.
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The Philosopher

+ World Premiere European Premiere
Abdulla alkaabi | 16 mins

It is 2010. Baggio was a successful footballer, martial artist and a pianist living the high life of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, all of this does not help Baggio satisfy the nagging need to do ‘something’ with his life. So he decides to drop everything, give away everything, and become - a philosopher!

In order to attain a clear, pure mind for thought and philosophy he rents a van, empties his apartment, and puts all his belongings in the street for passerby's to pickup at no cost.

Baggio strips naked, folds his clothes and walks into the park for refuge and sanctuary, and inner peace. After a couple of hours, cold and hungry, he finds himself back where he left his belongings, and is surprised that none of his belongings have been touched. Frustrated Baggio makes the ultimate sacrifice, and decides to give away his freewill. Taken in by Leo, a lonely recovering alcoholic, Baggio is at first excited about the proposition, but it has unexpected consequences.
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UK Premiere
Saskia Kluit | | 10 mins

The partly animated documentary ‘ Barren’ shows the process of Kees letting go of his life long hobby and of his marriage. His pigeons brought him success, but also keep confronting him with his self declared failure in marriage. Years after the death of his wife, Kees is living in the past. In his mind his wife is always around.

Then one day, Kees realizes it has been enough. He radically decides to finish the pigeons off and tears down the dove cot. With a loud crack, Kees breaks with his past.

Barren is a melancholic short documentary about disappointment and failure. Things of the past are animated, in minimalist and sketchy style. Off camera we hear Kees talk about his pigeons and the downfall of his marriage.

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A Spoon in the Pocket

UK Premiere
Mireia Ibars | | 30 mins

Mireia returns to Barcelona after a few years working in Paris and starts to ask questions about her grandfather’s past exile in France. Grandpa told her that when he left Spain he had taken a spoon. One night, there had been an explosion. It seems that the spoon in his breast pocket protected him from the shrapnel. She begins to ask the members of her family about this episode, but apparently no one remembers it. For some reason, she cannot abandon the search. She starts a journey that will reveal her generation's lack of awareness about the Spanish Civil War, and the way in which families remember.
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European Premiere
Jacob Secher Schulsinger | | 29 mins

Fini is in his bed. It is dark outside and he doesn't want to get up.
Fini is 85 years old. He has Alzheimer’s disease and therefore no short-term memory.
Fini likes to say, "Yes" and that leads him on to a series of small adventures all reminding us about living in the moment.
Fini is a man whose memory is beginning to fail and through scenes that could not be invented we are told a universal human story about growing old.
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