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Start: 16 May 2011 8:30 pm

Venue: Roxy Bar and Screen

16 May 2011 8:30 pm
Roxy Bar and Screen
020 74074057
128-132 Borough High Street, Greater London, United Kingdom, SE1 1LB

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European Premiere
Adele Wilkes | | 26 mins

'Face' focuses on Beautiful Agony, on ongoing collaborative art project that collects video self-portraits of faces during orgasm. A filmmaker who has been working behind the scenes on the project decides to experience the other side of the lens, turning the camera on herself for the first time. This intimate and confronting documentary features a collage of unique perspectives from individuals who have contributed to the project, as well as the project's founder Lauren Olney and art theorist Edward Colless. 'Face' is a kaleidoscopic odyssey through the concurrently universal and uniquely individual experience of sexual pleasure and its artistic expression.
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River Dog

World Premiere Watch trailer
James Muir, Oscar Daniel Hunter | | 25 mins

The remote Eastern hill country of New Zealand is a landscape embedded deep in the psyche of all New Zealanders, a romantic pastoral idyll that shapes the national identity. Unfortunately, that landscape is being perverted and destroyed. The Pahaoa River is just one of many rural waterways that are filled with cattle and sheep that are destroying what remains of its health and natural beauty.

However not all is damaged and not all is lost.

Grant Muir is a farmer who as a lone figure casts a watchful eye over the river. Grant see's firsthand the destructive practices of his neighbours as they fence their stock onto the river that runs through his property, polluting the water, destroying the native habitat and all the animals that live in it. Now Grant has vowed to protect what he can of this mighty river.

The practice of allowing cattle to graze in rivers is widespread in New Zealand. The government representatives who are entrusted to protect natural resources turn a blind eye to the destruction. Where does this leave a nation that takes pride in its identity with the land’s natural values?

River Dog is Grant’s story, a snapshot of his life on the river, the companionship of his dogs and the beauty of the New Zealand landscape. Grant takes us through his struggles and shows us the toll it takes on him. As the water, the animals and his livelihood is threatened everyday.
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UK Premiere
Charles Fairbanks | 12 mins

Kick-ass archival footage and the performance of a song punctuate this short day-in-the-life study of former world champion of professional women’s wrestling, Irma Gonzalez. Shot in Mexico City, the film is a tender portrait of the multi-talented luchadora and an unusual meditation on athleticism and aging. 

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Chasing the Dragon

World Premiere Watch trailer
Santiago Posada | | 11.16 mins

Paul Scruffy is an ex- heroin addict who lived on the streets of London for seven years. He was given a glimpse of escape and inspiration when a social worker asked him which things made him most happy when he was a child.

He remembered that he had wanted to work with nature. This memory took root in his mind and gave him the determination to kick his addiction and start growing trees, wildflower gardens, and vegetable patches in hostels and inner city schools around London.

Today Paul runs a gardening group, whose members are ex-users trying to leave their dark past behind them, gaining inspiration from growing trees. In 2010 Paul’s group was asked to take part in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London and were commissioned to create a garden at the Eden Project in Cornwall.
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UK Premiere
Christophe Hermans | | 12 mins

Sophie lives alone. She spends her time between small jobs and moving flat. She creates a sculpture of her body, to fill the empty space of her life.
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World Premiere
Jose Macerola, Richard da Costa | | 14 mins

Who are the men who choose to become White Collar Boxers? Some want to prove something to themselves or the schoolyard bullies of their past, others just want to make their families proud. This film is a study of human nature, masculinity and courage set to a backdrop of arguably one of the toughest sports in the world. There are no plush gyms here, no coffee bars -the air conditioning is a hole in the window. To stay warm you train hard! Real men putting themselves to the ultimate physical and mental test to find out what kind of men they really are.
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