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"A Mao e a Luva" is the book that inspired our protagonist, Ricardo Gomez Ferraz, to start a silent revolution in one of the most dangerous Brazilian shantytowns. He collected books over a period of 15 years and encouraged dozens of children and adults to read them. In so doing he helped to keep them away from selling drugs, prostitution and crime. In 2008 he was given an esteemed award by Teleglobo for his services to society. Thanks to the work of Ricardo, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture has, to date, funded 514 small libraries throughout the favelas of Brazil.

Film Credits

Directors: Roberto Orazi

Producers: Riccardo Neri

Photography: Roberto Orazi

Music: Renato Borghetti - Roberto Vallicelli - KCal Gomez

Production Company: Lupin Films


Orginal Title: A Mao e a Luva - Storia di un trafficante di libri

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: No



Length: 68 min

Colour: Yes

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A Mao e a Luva – The Story of a Book Trafficker Screening:

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