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Dariusz Ambroszczyk runs one of the oldest cinemas in Łódź – Tatry. He is boss of the cinema and its only employee at the same time, so among his duties are selling tickets, admitting people to the cinema and screening films. Although Dariusz waits for viewers every day, they seem to have totally forgotten about his cinema, only visiting occasionally. The man begins to understand that the cinema, the sense of his life, is slowly declining.

Film Credits

Directors: Igor Chojna

Producers: Marcin Malatynski

Photography: Jakub Czerwiński

Editing: Barbara Snarska

Music: Rafael Roginski

Production Company: Polish National Film, Television and Theater School


Silver Hobby Horse for the Best Documentary 50th Krakow Film Festival


Orginal Title: Seans w kinie Tatry

Subtitles: Yes



Length: 26 min

Colour: Yes

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A Screening at the Tatry Cinema Screening:

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