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The sheer daily hard work of the company Carlo Colla & Figli is filmed on the quiet, in front of and behind the scenes, with empathy and respect, in the Atelier laboratory. It reveals how this art is subject to strict discipline. A group of students at the Scuola Civica in Milan are the creators of the film, who choose a perspective of shadowing and coaching, and never passive spectatorship and returns, reliving in its own way, the harmony of collective effort which for more than 200 years has been the real strength of the Atelier.

Film Credits

Directors: Pietro De Tilla, Guglielmo Trupia, Elvio Manuzzi


Subtitles: Yes


Length: 49 min

Colour: Yes

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Atelier Colla Screening:

  • Fri01Jun

    at The Horse Hospital

    1 June 2012 7:30 pm

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