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A black sock, white thread, a needle, a thimble and a plea: 'Santitum zaina urtu, zaina bere lekuen sartu', in a mixture of Latin and Basque. This is the full extent of Carmen's treatment for the healing of sprains. The mantra has to be repeated three times, on three different days. Healing rituals live on in the Basque Country, a place where magical practices have been transmitted from woman to woman for generations. For the time being, Carmen has no successor.

Film Credits

Directors: Olatz González Abrisketa


Orginal Title: Carmen

UK Classification: None

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: Yes


Language: ,

Length: 4 min

Colour: Yes

Keywords: , ,

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Carmen Screening:

  • Wed30May

    at Roxy Bar and Screen

    30 May 2012 12:00 pm

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