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As she visits her grandmother’s grave, a girl remembers the funeral, her grandmother’s vivid storytelling and a curious dream that she had of her grandmother in her after-life.

A video-recorded interview with my grandmother in 2007 was part of an early exercise in visual ethnographic research. Ever since she died two years ago, other than her talking head footage, there has not been much left for our recollection of her, be it objects, photos, or other video documents. Hence there are many gaps and patches of emptiness in term of information. However, I found that, among all things, our memories of her are the most powerful resources if we want to trace who she is. Memories work in mysterious ways: how we recall a person may discount the ‘fact’, and yet the speaker’s recollection may alter the person remembered due to her personal point of view, personality, language habits and choice of vocabulary.

During the production process, I found that animation is a powerful method as it reviews the past in a more emotion-driven and intimate way which fills the gaps that live-action/photographic media rarely achieve.

Film Credits

Directors: Wing Yan Lilian, Fu

Producers: /

Photography: /

Editing: John Murphy

Sound: Pavol Kajan

Music: Finn McNicholas

Production Company: independent artist


Orginal Title: 想像.外婆

UK Classification: None

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: Yes



Length: 9min min

Colour: Yes


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Keywords: , ,

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