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A documentary by Tomasz Wolski that focuses on a slow, fragmentary observation of a small part of reality. It centre is in the market square of a small town somewhere in the south of Poland. A place where three springs of water have their origins, only several metres away from each other. A camera records the reactions of passers-by and interestingly, in the majority of cases, the behaviour is totally different by each of the springs.

Film Credits

Directors: Tomasz Wolski

Producers: Anna Gawlita

Photography: Patryk Jordanowicz

Editing: Tomasz Wolski

Production Company: KIJORA Anna Gawlita



Length: 8 min

Keywords: , , ,

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H2O Screening:

  • Tue17May

    at The Horse Hospital

    17 May 2011 8:30 pm

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