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The title of this film is a direct allusion to what taboo - in Arab countries - the hair of the women - who should be hidden - while all the musicians who will participate in the film refuse to wear the veil. So, this title is an allusion to the erotic of the hair.
This film is, in fact, a manifesto, as it indeed offers to present the current history of five Arab rebel women, singers, musicians and composers, from Maghreb and Mashreq. In contradiction with the assumed context of the current distrust about these cultures, the film wants to show the assertion force of these women who struggle with determination to impose their talent, their art, their social commitment and their femininity without veil. It also aims to show how their creative force is based on new attitudes but also the power and the beauty of ancient poetry, which reflect the great diversity of these worlds that we too often conflate in a single threatening universe. The film also has a direct political dimension, since it was shot with musicians from several countries which are in great imbalance: Tunisia, Syria, Palestine. These violent contexts in which they live, or they fled, obviously have a significant impact on their art.

Film Credits

Directors: Jacqueline Caux

Producers: Stephane Jourdain

Photography: Jacqueline Caux

Music: Hadda ou Akki

Production Company: La Huit Production


Subtitles: Yes



Length: 70 min

Colour: Yes

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