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When Madge Elliot complained about the announced closure of her local train station in Hawick, her mother told her to do something about it, and that’s just what she did. It’s Quicker By Hearse tells the story of Elliot who, together with her 11-year-old son Kim, Harry Brown the piper and Edinburgh University Railway Society president Bruce McCartney, marched to Downing Street to deliver a petition of 11,768 signatures on 18 December 1968.

Film Credits

Directors: Esther Johnson

Producers: Esther Johnson

Photography: Liam Iandoli

Music: Scottish Folk Ballads

Production Company: Blanche PIctures




Length: 19 min

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It’s Quicker By Hearse · The Tale of the Petitioning Housewife, the Protesting Schoolboy and the Campaign Screening:

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