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A group of photojournalists document the human face of Greece as it faces the hardest economic crisis in over 50 years.

'Krisis', is a feature documentary film connected to the Prism GR2011 project, a collective documentation of Greece made with DSLR cameras during 2010/11. It focuses on the economic crisis and how it has affected a wide variety of people and situations in this quiet and usually calm country. 

It is a new type of narrative. Through a process of creative collaboration and documentation, a group of 14 photojournalists and filmmakers synthesise different stories into a film that explores how Greece, and the Greeks, are handling the crisis. In addition, The Prism and Krisis are testaments to how creativity is the best antidote to the crisis, and that innovation can occur in the darkest of hours. 

Film Credits

Directors: Nikos Katsaounis, Nina Maria Paschalidou

Producers: Nikos Katsaounis, Nina Maria Paschalidou

Photography: Aristomenopoulou, Aristomenopoulos, Biliris, Dimitriadis, Domenikos, Fyssakis, Katsaounis, Kolesidis, Loupas, Merelo, Mihalakis, Moutafis, Panousiadou, Nina Maria Paschalidou, Stefatou, Zavalis

Editing: Ted Armaos

Sound: Nikos Tsines

Music: Mixalis Moschoutis, Spyros Moschoutis

Production Company: N-Coded, Forest Troop


Picture of the Year (POYI) finalist: Best Documentary Project of the Year, Official Honoree of the 16th Annual Webby Awards in the Documentary: Series category.


Orginal Title: Krisis

UK Classification: None

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: No


Language: ,

Length: 62 min

Colour: Yes


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Keywords: , , , , , , ,

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Krisis Screening:

  • Mon28May

    at Roundhouse

    28 May 2012

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