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The Mafia enriches itself in many ways, one of these is the demand for Pizzo, the Sicilian slang term for protection money. In Palermo 80% of businesses are believed to pay this tax to Cosa Nostra. However, over the last few years something has started to change. At the forefront of this change is a group of young people called 'Addio Pizzo' (Goodbye Protection money). In 5 years their civil campaign has broken down the wall of silence that surrounds the Mafia extortion processes.

Film Credits

Directors: Marco Battaglia, Gianluca Donati, Laura Schimmenti, Andrea Zulini


Orginal Title: Mettersi a posto- Il Pizzo a Palermo

Subtitles: Yes



Length: 60 min

Colour: Yes

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Paying Your Dues – The Cost of Protection Screening:

  • Fri25May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    25 May 2012 5:00 pm

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