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The Barbie, Bousquet and Papon trials and the first trials of Nazi criminals in Germany in the 1970s did not come about by accident. The determination of Serge and Béate Klarsfeld was behind all of them. Serge Klarsfeld is a lawyer, historian and activist whose painstaking efforts and research have helped identify war criminals and bring them to trial for thirty years. Three decades to break a taboo in France: the Vichy regime's responsibility for Nazi crimes and the exact degree of French responsibility for anti-Jewish persecution.

Film Credits

Directors: Gloria Campana

Producers: Emil Weiss

Photography: Jean-Michel Destang, Serge Halsdorf, Dominique Fausset

Editing: Patricia Manuguerra

Sound: Sébastien Sill, Elian Lakub

Production Company: Michkan World Productions, France 2, Charlotte SARL


Orginal Title: Le combat de Serge Klarsfeld

Subtitles: Yes



Length: 60 min

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Serge Klarsfeld’s Fight Screening:

  • Thu08Mar

    at University of London in Paris

    8 March 2018

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