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Constitucion Station is a huge railway terminal in Buenos Aires. Here, filtered through the mundane stories of a mixed cast of characters, we view a day in the life of the station, and the station in the day of the life of the characters. The building speaks of their present tribulations, and of lives lived elsewhere, but also of the imperial British beginnings, the present state of decay, and the quotidian reality of contemporary Argentina. Throughout the course of a single day stories and trajectories entwine and collide, meetings occur, lives change, lives stay the same, and this portrait of the 'Great Lady' speaks of the wider country and it's uncertain future.

Film Credits

Directors: John Dickinson


Subtitles: Yes



Length: 63 min

Colour: Yes

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Station Day Screening:

  • Thu31May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    31 May 2012 8:00 pm

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