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Tamam Gol has lived for more than seven decades. She’s an old woman living in a western village of Iran called Yaromjeh Bagh like all her ancestors before her. The villagers believe that only a son can keep the name of his family alive. A man who has no son is regarded as sterile. When she was a child Tamam Gol was asked by her father to wear boy's clothing, and help him run the farm. Tamam Gol does so and takes care of her parents and her three sisters as if she were the young man of the family. Her parents die. She helps her sisters get married. Tamam Gol still wears men's clothes and people have forgotten that she ever was a woman.

Film Credits

Directors: Payam Zinalabedini


Subtitles: Yes


Length: 30 min

Colour: Yes

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Tamam Gol Screening:

  • Tue29May

    at HMS President

    29 May 2012 3:30 pm

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