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The documentary presents us with two British artists of Polish origin: the late Stefan and Franciska Themerson.

This sensitive and intelligent documentary shows us two British artists of Polish origin: the late Stefan and Franciska Themerson. He wrote. She painted. Considered significant figures in the avant-garde they produced much original and poetic work that combined humour and absurdity. The span of their artistic experiments covered literature and painting, but also cinema, music and drama. The film is a charming portrait of an exceptionally complementary couple, and their shared passion for life and Art.

Film Credits

Directors: Wiktoria Szymanska

Producers: Gregory Davis

Photography: Wojciech Staron

Editing: Ewa Lenkiewicz

Sound: Roman Cadilac

Music: Felix Rigg

Production Company: Luna W


Art of Documentary, Prize future of media


Orginal Title: Themerson i Themerson

UK Classification: 12

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: Yes

Country: , ,

Language: , ,

Length: 52 min

Colour: Yes

Website: -

Keywords: ,

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Themerson & Themerson Screening:

  • Mon28May

    at HMS President

    28 May 2012

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