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The story of siblings growing up in the orphanage due to their mother's political commitment and detention.

11-year-old Werka and her 9-year-old brother Marcel wind up at the front door of a children’s home in Wrocław.  Asked who they are, Werka replies, “We are children of communists.” In return the teacher yells, ”Why do they only send us Judeo-communists?!!!” It is 1949. Werka and Marcel’s mother, a pre-war communist, is arrested and charged with collaborating with American intelligence. She will do five and half years. Her children will spend these years in children’s homes.

A film about a brother and a sister marked by the ideological choices of their parents.

Film Credits

Directors: Marcel Lozinski

Producers: Barbara Lawska

Photography: Jacek Petrycki, Magda Kowalczyk, Pawel Lozinski

Editing: Przemyslaw Chruscielewski

Sound: Slawomir Szatkowski

Music: Maria Bikont

Production Company: Kronika Film Studio


51st Krakow Film Festival, Poland , Golden Hobby Horse


Orginal Title: Tonia i jej dzieci

UK Classification: 18

Subtitles: Yes

Voiceover: Yes



Length: 57 min

Colour: No

Website: -

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Tonia and Her Children Screening:

  • Mon28May

    at HMS President

    28 May 2012

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