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A small village in Slovakia consists almost entirely of the elderly. With nothing much in town to occupy the residents, their lives seem to revolve around the public announcements that ring out from speakers affixed to poles and houses. The most important news of the season: a new funeral director is needed for the crowded, unkempt graveyard. Who will get the job? Who wants it? A portrait of the slow death of a village, where the old times are already gone and the new ones have not yet arrived. Beautifully captured by Brobik's camera, Where the Sun Doesn't Rush is a film Brobik made as a student at the Polish National Film School.

Film Credits

Directors: Matej Bobrik

Producers: Andrzej Bednarek

Photography: Artur Sienicki

Editing: Barbara Snarska

Sound: Mariko Saga

Production Company: Polish National Film


Best Documentary Cortopotere, Italy, 2010, Best Short/Documentary New York Polish Film Festival 2009, Special Mention 49th Krakow Film Festival, Poland 2009


Orginal Title: Tam, gdzie słońce się nie spieszy

Subtitles: Yes



Length: 18 min

Colour: Yes

Keywords: , , ,

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Where the Sun Doesn’t Rush Screening:

  • Tue17May

    at The Horse Hospital

    17 May 2011 8:30 pm

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