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Roger The Real Life Superhero

Cathy MacDonald |

Nineteen-year-old Roger Hayhurst lives on an estate in Salford, Manchester. With the unwavering support of his mum Jennifer, Roger dresses in a spandex suit and cape and patrols the streets at....

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Frederik Jan Depickere |

A minimalist portrait of a night guard contemplating violence and his place in the universe ....

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The Ambassador and Me

Jan Czarlewski |

A son, a father. The first one holds a camera; the second one holds the title ambassador. The camera trembles, the ambassador remains still.

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The mutability of all things and the possibility of changing some

Anna Marziano |

A poetical-political experience taking place in L'Aquila, an italian town struck by an earthquake: everyone has to face the change, someone get the opportunity to live it.

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C.B. Picasso |

Five people talk about how and why they ended romantic relationships. ....

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A Piece of Summer

Marta Minorowicz |

It's the last days of the summer holidays. A grandfather, who works in Bieszczady Mountains, awaits the arrival of his grandson. Surrounded by nature, they try to reach an understanding....

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Out of Reach

Jakub Stożek |

Karolina and Natalia seek refuge from their domineering father in the basement of their block of flats, where they reminisce about a sad childhood without a mother. When the younger....

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Heather McIntosh, Laura Wayne, Gerardo Carballo Valiño, Giovanbattista Tusa and Kenny Ozier Lafontaine |

A portrait of Cuba in its twilight hour, poised between a dated past and an uncertain future.

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