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A Piece of Summer

Marta Minorowicz |

It's the last days of the summer holidays. A grandfather, who works in Bieszczady Mountains, awaits the arrival of his grandson. Surrounded by nature, they try to reach an understanding....

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Out of Reach

Jakub Sto┼╝ek |

Karolina and Natalia seek refuge from their domineering father in the basement of their block of flats, where they reminisce about a sad childhood without a mother. When the younger....

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Really Hard be a Good Masai

Gabriele Neudecker | ,

This portrait grants an intriguing insight into the live of adolescent Masai-warriors.

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Nutshimit – on the land

Sarah Sandring |

An intimate portrait about one of the last nomadic hunting people in Northern Canada. A riveting and emotional film about tradition and the future.

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