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Somos Wichi (We Are Wichi)

Andrew Buckland | ,

'Somos Wichi' is a glimpse into the lives of a relatively unknown indigenous people. Set in the Gran Chaco forest of northwestern Argentina, the Wichi are struggling to cope with....

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Station Day

John Dickinson |

Constitucion Station is a huge railway terminal in Buenos Aires. Here, filtered through the mundane stories of a mixed cast of characters, we view a day in the life of....

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Sudor Seco

Thomas Bouët | ,

Buenos Aires is a port, but no-one there seems to think of it in that way. The water seems distant. To encounter it one must leave downtown and make one's....

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Fishing in Esperanza

Anders Flatlandsmo | ,

A filmmaker, a society and a fisherman, all hoping for something, a change, a basic incident to happen.

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Beyond the Sea

Veronika Kaserer | ,

Another world awaits beyond the sea. For 19-year-old Heidi that world is Argentina.

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Article 12

Juan Manuel Biaiñ | ,

Waking up in a surveillance society

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