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The Summer of Giacomo

Alessandro Comodin | , ,

It's summer in the countryside of north-eastern Italy. Nineteen year-old Giacomo, deaf since childhood, and Stephanie, his childhood friend, go to the river for a picnic. As if in an enchanted....

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The Children of Sisyphus

Didier Minne |

An encounter with the daily life of children with autism or psychosis. It is a glimpse, from the inside, of a world that has rarely been observed so freely, and....

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Himself He Cooks

Valerie Berteau |

In the Golden Temple in Amritsar hundreds of volunteers prepare 50,000 free meals every day. A scale of effort and devotion that must seen to be appreciated. Glorious, confusing,....

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Frederik Jan Depickere |

A minimalist portrait of a night guard contemplating violence and his place in the universe ....

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Waidmannsheil: ‘Hail to the Good Shooter’

Klaas Boelen |

As the exciting adventures of a group of bourgeois hunters in a dense Belgian forest unfold, power and weakness go hand in hand in one of the most primitive experiences of being human.

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Not Waving But Drowning

Elias Grootaers |

Elias Grootaers’s first long documentary, observes a number of Indian refugees who are arrested and put into a transit centre by the harbour police in Zeebruges, Belgium. Within the tense,....

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Christophe Hermans |

Sophie lives alone. She spends her time between small jobs and moving flat. She creates a sculpture of her body, to fill the empty space of her life.

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