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Serge Klarsfeld’s Fight

Gloria Campana |

The Barbie, Bousquet and Papon trials and the first trials of Nazi criminals in Germany in the 1970s did not come about by accident. The determination of Serge and Béate....

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Highway Rest Stop

Isabelle Ingold |


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Portrait of a Young Woman

Stéphane Arnoux |

‘Misungui' is Marion's pseudonym. Her identity is built on sensual or startling pictures that abound on social networks. In queer Parisian circles, she is famous for her erotic and situationist....

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Etienne Aussel, Valérie Gabail |

stravinsky, dance, spring, music, anthropology

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The Graduation (Le Concours)

Claire Simon |

With ‘The Graduation’ the director will delve into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence is practiced and entry into....

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Matthew Lancit |


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Ordinary Variations

Anna Marziano | ,

Roubaix, a city with an industrial past, is today one of France’s most destitute areas. During six months, the filmmaker asked the townspeople to think of one or more sentences....

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One More Chance

Battiste Fenwick | ,

Una Chanza Más chronicles the improbable encounter between Los Angeles gangbanger and two-time violent felon Pedro Mata and French filmmaker Battiste Fenwick. As Battiste films Pedro, the camera becomes a....

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If I keep you in my hairs…

Jacqueline Caux |

The title of this film is a direct allusion to what taboo - in Arab countries - the hair of the women - who should be hidden - while all....

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10949 WOMEN

Nassima Guessoum | ,

Nassima, a forgotten heroine of the Algerian Revolution tells her story

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