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Marie-Pierre Jaury, Grégoire Bénabent |

Everything in the “National 9/11 Museum” is a pretext for commemoration. What sort of history is being transmitted?

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Guilherme Hoffmann | ,

The underground wanderings of a not-so-young Brazilian student who, without knowing what to look for in life, goes to the Paris subway to meet those he values most... the strangers.

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Patrick Kack-Brice |

The Beverley is the last cinema in Paris—maybe the world—still screening 35mm porn films. MAURICE captures the owner/projectionist clinging to a dying art as his entire world slips towards dodo-like extinction.

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Lives in Transit

Tamuna Jalaghania, Valerie Leon | ,

Since 1993, and their expulsion from Abkhazia, one hundred and fifty families of refugees have inhabited a disused building, alike a shipwreck, by a lake. In the periphery of the....

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An Egyptian Salad

Nadia Kamel |

When her young nephew hears a sermon in Cairo encouraging religious war, Nadia Kamel, long-time assistant to the legendary Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine, takes it upon herself to acquaint him....

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I Loved You So Much



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In the Land that is Like You

Maya Abduf-Malak |

The boundaries of love are tested when a woman seeks out her mother, her grandmother, and the man she loves in pursuit of a lost past.....

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In the Shadows of Death

Elisa Mantin |

Gomorra has changed his life: Roberto Saviano, in his early thirties, has a life similar to Salman Rushdie since his book has been published and the film a huge success....

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Kurdish Lover

Clarisse Hahn |

"The Kurdish lover is Oktay, a man of Kurdish origin with whom I share my life. We have been drifting through a devastated region brought to a standstill by war....

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Cabaret Berlin, The Wild Scene

Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir |

Entirely composed of rare visual and audio archives, "CABARET-BERLIN, THE WILD SCENE" offers an inside view into the Weimar Republic's history (1919-1933) through the eye of the Berlin artistic kabarett....

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