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War Matador

Avner Faingulernt, Macabit Abramson |

In January 2009, during the war in Gaza, two courageous Israeli directors grabbed their cameras to shoot material along the common border. The bombs are filmed from a distance, out....

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Ameer got his gun

Naomi Levari |

Ameer, an Arab-Moslem-Israeli citizen, volunteers to join the Israeli Army with the innocent belief that his induction will turn him into an equal citizen.

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Dani Rosenberg and Yoav Gross | ,

A 60-year-old Palestinian and his son return to their abandoned home village, which they have not visited for 25 years.

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Area C

Hadass Shuve | ,

Spatial planning is a means of controlling the Palestinians and their land by the Israeli authorities in Area C in the West Bank. The film reveals the planning methods which....

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Women of Hamas

Suha Arraf | , ,

Four Palestinian women, each with a different background, discuss their lives as followers of Hamas

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