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Coffee Time

Maria Fredriksson |

Four elderly ladies gets together for coffee. They sip from elegant china while discussing Viagra, orgasms and quickies. Nothing’s off the table as they reminisce about the past and revel....

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The Honey Hunting

Lotta Granbom | ,

Watching Haron reaching the honey comb is a sight to be seen in the Andaman Sea.

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Crossed Out

Roberto Duarte | ,

Roberto's grandmother denies two of her children and no one in the family has ever dared talk to her about it…

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El Medico – The Cubaton Story


Feature length documentary about the Cuban doctor Raynier Casamajor and his colorful struggle to become an international music artist.

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Steam of Life

Joonas Berghäll, Mika Hotakainen | ,

Naked Finnish men in saunas speak straight from the heart and, in the warmth of rusty stoves, cleanse themselves, both physically and mentally. The film travels through Finland joining men....

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Dead End 57

Ali Tamadon | ,

Dead End 57 is a blind alley in Tehran. The camera sweeps us into the street and its characters, the shopkeepers and the cats - all seeking some sort of living. Without....

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I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Nima Sarvestani |

The story of a brave girl, Sabere, and her struggle for life. Through the prism of her family this heart-rending and thought-provoking film brings the tragedy that is Afghanistan vividly....

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