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Hamedullah: The Road Home

Sue Clayton | ,

Feature film director Sue Clayton meets an Afghan teenager who has lived happily in the UK but at 18 is brutally deported back to a war zone he scarcely recognises. She gave him a camera to carry on filming. How will he survive? "It's like a jungle, innit.."

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This is Not My Home

Gabriel Berretta |

A man walks the streets of London. The sort of person we pass everyday without giving a thought to. A man with a story to tell. A man from Guatemala,....

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Bee Fever

Rebecca E Marshall |

This carefully observed character study of a woman with cancer uses her love of beekeeping as a metaphor to understand death and the cycle of life. ....

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The Clockmaker

Adam Haggerty |

'The Clockmaker’ is an intimate look at Ray Savage’s relationship with his now deceased wife. A clockmaker, working in Derby for 40 years. we see Ray surrounded by the objects....

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No Known Health Benefits

Chris Mizen |

On a bitter January day in 2011 one of the more unusual events in the sporting calendar took place – the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships. While not everyone's cup....

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Roger The Real Life Superhero

Cathy MacDonald |

Nineteen-year-old Roger Hayhurst lives on an estate in Salford, Manchester. With the unwavering support of his mum Jennifer, Roger dresses in a spandex suit and cape and patrols the streets at....

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Spirit of the House

David Mead, Ed Beck |

Rodney Archer is the owner of an 18th century townhouse in Spitalfields, east London. The relationship between house and owner is deep. Rodney looks back at his life in this....

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Bowling for Finchley

Colum Eastwood |

A light hearted look at life within a traditional English lawn bowls club ....

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Shadows of Liberty

Jean-Philippe Tremblay |

'Shadows of Liberty' is a documentary feature-film examining the media crisis in the United States. The film takes a harrowing journey through the dark corridors of the American media landscape....

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Children of the Jaguar

Joint project by Sarayaku Indigenous community and Amnesty International | ,

An Indigenous community from the Amazon takes on the combined might of government and oil company as they try to drill on their ancestral land.

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