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Kirkcaldy Man

Julian Schwanitz |

Who is Jocky Wilson? The discovery of the symbiosis of a national darts hero and his hometown in Scotland.

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Out of the Game

Katharine Round |

The story of three teenagers coming-of-age in Tower Hamlets; an Olympic borough, whose lives have been changed by an innovative sports scheme.

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Gokula – A Place on Earth for Cows

Donna Lipowitz |

In picturesque Hertfordshire on the outskirts of London, we meet ‘Syam’ a Hare Krishna devotee and farmer who uses traditional farming practices rarely seen in the modern western world. He demonstrates how Cows and Oxen can be much more valuable to us than just meat and milk.

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Themerson & Themerson

Wiktoria Szymanska | , ,

The documentary presents us with two British artists of Polish origin: the late Stefan and Franciska Themerson.

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Not giddy yet aerial

Jenny Holt |

Working environment and tourist gaze: observations of the everyday in the English Lake District.

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Golriz Kolahi |

A film following a flourishing year in the life of one of modern music's greatest saxophonists and one of Europe's most controversial public speakers.

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The Chewing Gum Man

Ana de la Válgoma Romero |

“Sometimes things are not what they seem to be at first sight. When I first noticed Ben Wilson, I thought he was homeless. But sometimes you just have to take a closer look at things.”

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Anti-stigma the documentary is an insight into the artistic interpretations and perspectives of six individuals who have been diagnosed with a severe disorder of mental health

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Together Alone

Lucy Kaye |

These portraits of elderly Jews living in London’s East End are humorous, optimistic and share beautiful memories. Lily, Cyril, Rose, Hannah and Bleemar may live alone, but once in a....

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Ray Ono |

This film portrays a group of men occupying the periphery of Tokyo and of Japanese society. Sustaining daily existances they negotiate spaces within and outside the city.....

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