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Marianne Khoury, Mustapha Hasnaoui | , , ,

A quiet masterpiece of hard-hitting reportage, Mustapha Hasnaoui and Marianne Khoury's 'Zelal' has drawn global critical praise for its hard-hitting and sobering insight into the lives of those afflicted by....

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Niether Allah, Nor Master!

Nadia El Fani |

Tunisian-Franco filmmaker Nadia El Fani, an avowed atheist, takes a personal approach to this cinematic exploration of secularism in the Muslim country of Tunisia before and after the deposition of....

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Goodbye Mubarak!

Katia Jarjoura |

On January 25, 2011, the world was captivated as thousands of protesters flooded Tahrir Square in Cairo, demanding an end to the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. But the ground....

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All for the Nation

Carol Mansour |

According to the Lebanese nationality law, Lebanese women that choose to marry a foreign man are denied the right to extend their citizenship to their husband and children. Without citizenship,....

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It’s All in Lebanon

Wissam Charaf | ,

Director Wissam Charaf traces the recent history and identity of Lebanon through its political campaigns, PR imagery and pop videos. And most importantly, how has Lebanon gone about nation-building during....

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Letters from Iran

Manon Loizeau | ,

When a girl named Neda was murdered on the street during the student protests in Iran in 2009, images of her were transmitted all around the world. Since then, Western....

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Ali Essafi |

In the seventies, Moroccan schoolboys and students were constantly dreaming of freedom and democracy. Removals, arbitrary detentions and disappearances, marked the period out as the 'years of lead'. Many militants....

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All I Wanna Do

Michelle Medina |

48-year-old Simohamed works as a parking guard, but the has dreams. His 17-year-old son Ayoub once acted in a Hollywood film and thought he may go to Hollywood. It doesn't....

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Ramtin Nikzad |

A renowned Iraqi painter, displaced by war, longs for his past while his young daughter carries only a fading memory of her birthplace.

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Ameer got his gun

Naomi Levari |

Ameer, an Arab-Moslem-Israeli citizen, volunteers to join the Israeli Army with the innocent belief that his induction will turn him into an equal citizen.

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