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Wild Lilly

Sanne Rovers |

With her mother and brothers Robbin and Melvin, Lilly lives in a squatter community deep in the woods, with boundless freedom to roam around the bushes and build fires in....

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Not Without You

Peter Lataster |

An elderly artist couple has to say goodbye to life and to each other. Does love and passion for art help them through the most difficult part of their lives? ....

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Frederik Jan Depickere |

A minimalist portrait of a night guard contemplating violence and his place in the universe ....

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Waidmannsheil: ‘Hail to the Good Shooter’

Klaas Boelen |

As the exciting adventures of a group of bourgeois hunters in a dense Belgian forest unfold, power and weakness go hand in hand in one of the most primitive experiences of being human.

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Saskia Kluit |

79-year old pigeon racer Kees is haunted by the memories of his two great loves: his pigeons and his wife.

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