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Stephanie Bollag |

An observational character study about a former Jewish white collar criminal turned boxing trainer and poet.....

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Glitch’s Story

David Hayes |

This short film tells a heartwarming story of a young girl called Glitch, who was made homeless at the age of 15. It captures how the charity XLP encouraged Glitch....

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Fishcakes & Cocaine

Alex Nevill |

Revolving around four unorthodox inhabitants of an isolated Hebridean peninsula, this documentary affords an insight into off-grid being, exploring the peculiarities of living in a harsh natural environment while intimately....

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CRISIS and the Right to the City

Adrian Mengay | ,

Crisis is a documentary about the consequences of the financial crisis in USA. In the time of multiple crisis millions of Americans are struck by unemployment, poverty and homelessness. This....

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Bacon & God’s Wrath

Sol Friedman |

A 90 year old Jewish woman reflects on her life’s experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time.....

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James Moll |

Auschwitz is synonymous with the Holocaust but it’s also a place on the map, one with a surprising history before WWII. Produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by James Moll, narrated....

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Anonymous: A Million Men

Patrick Ireland |

They are the 99%. Join filmmaker Patrick Ireland as he tumbles down the rabbit hole, penetrating the very core of Anonymous in the build-up to the infamous ‘Million Mask March’....

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A Deep Breath

Justin Spray |

Director, Justin Spray, finds beauty in a municipal pool among the plasters and dirt as he follows the progress of a group of novice freedivers in London.....

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17 Not Required Indians

Soniya Kirpalani |

Seventeen Indians are given the death penalty for the alleged murder of a compatriot in UAE. Their trial takes us into the unseen world of modern-day slavery....

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Why I Had an FGC

Suzanne Cohen |


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