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War Matador

Avner Faingulernt, Macabit Abramson |

In January 2009, during the war in Gaza, two courageous Israeli directors grabbed their cameras to shoot material along the common border. The bombs are filmed from a distance, out....

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Somos Wichi (We Are Wichi)

Andrew Buckland | ,

'Somos Wichi' is a glimpse into the lives of a relatively unknown indigenous people. Set in the Gran Chaco forest of northwestern Argentina, the Wichi are struggling to cope with....

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Laura Brownson, Beth Levison |

Three-time felon, one-time Tony award winner, Lemon Andersen is a pioneering poet whose words speak for a generation. But Lemon has landed back in the 'hood, living in the projects....

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Love, Hate and Everything In between

Alex Gabbay |

Can empathy resolve issues of aggression and subjugation, where wars, politics and economic sanctions have failed?

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Not Hotel Art

Isabella Wing-Davey |

A dominant media corporation is the backdrop for a larger discussion on art in the workplace: a wry look at art in the corporate environment and its gatekeepers.

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Hamedullah: The Road Home

Sue Clayton | ,

Feature film director Sue Clayton meets an Afghan teenager who has lived happily in the UK but at 18 is brutally deported back to a war zone he scarcely recognises. She gave him a camera to carry on filming. How will he survive? "It's like a jungle, innit.."

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Marcelo Castillo |

A drop of water originates on a glacier, in it´s way to the sea.

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Bee Fever

Rebecca E Marshall |

This carefully observed character study of a woman with cancer uses her love of beekeeping as a metaphor to understand death and the cycle of life. ....

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The Clockmaker

Adam Haggerty |

'The Clockmaker’ is an intimate look at Ray Savage’s relationship with his now deceased wife. A clockmaker, working in Derby for 40 years. we see Ray surrounded by the objects....

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Mind Your Mind – A primer for psychological independence

Jason Brett Serle |

What do we mean by 'attention', or the lack of it? Are we quite as attentive as we think? Do we miss things that are right under our nose, blinded....

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