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An Encounter with Simone Weil

Katie Hipp |

The 20th century French philosopher, educator and activist Simone Weil spent the majority of her too-short life advocating for the rights of the socially and politically disadvantaged. In 'An Encounter....

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My Fancy High Heels

Ho Chao-t |

This is a film about dreams, and a tale bound together by beautiful high-heeled shoes. Brand-name high heels costing anywhere from $300 to $1000 – exactly who is it that....

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No Known Health Benefits

Chris Mizen |

On a bitter January day in 2011 one of the more unusual events in the sporting calendar took place – the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships. While not everyone's cup....

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Space Station

Felicitas Sonvilla |

Experimental documentary about a space station.

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Spirit of the House

David Mead, Ed Beck |

Rodney Archer is the owner of an 18th century townhouse in Spitalfields, east London. The relationship between house and owner is deep. Rodney looks back at his life in this....

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Bowling for Finchley

Colum Eastwood |

A light hearted look at life within a traditional English lawn bowls club ....

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Simon Wood |

No one comes from nothing.

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Afarin Eghbal |

An old woman looks forward to becoming a grandmother. However, historic events force her to wait over 30 years.

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Voiceless Reel

Valentina Ippolito |

Veteran projectionist Graham Lee recalls his experiences of the hidden world of cinema in a documentary produced by Valentina Ippolito.

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Chelsea McMullan |

"Milo Manara tells the story behind his illustrating Federico Fellini's vision of afterlife"

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