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River Dog

James Muir, Oscar Daniel Hunter |

An intimate look into a farmers life, and the struggle he endures to protect the river he lives by.

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Chasing the Dragon

Santiago Posada |

"You reap what you sow" Paul “Scruffy” Pulford is a successful gardener and ex-heroin addict who conquered his demons by understanding the laws of nature that he once pushed to the limits.

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Notes from the City

James McGilchrist |

Anonymous letters challenge three buskers to undertake three different journeys across London with unknown purpose and unknown rendevouz.....

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Making Dough

Anne Loriot |

Why become a baker? Five characters from a South London bakery reveal their motivation and the meaning behind making dough.

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Way of the Morris

Tim Plester & Rob Curry |

A filmmaker's search for a connection with the much-maligned native dance traditions that run deep in his bloodline.

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Beam Drop

Tim Marrinan, Richard Dewey |

A close up look at Chris Burden's spectacular action-sculpture Beam Drop placing the viewer at the heart of the action.

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Barber’s Dozen

Tara Manandhar, David O'Neill |

Trip-you-up banter or old-fashioned nostalgia, Brian’s day job is fleeting meetings with a diverse bunch of characters sat in his barbershop chair. ‘Barber’s Dozen’ weaves their varied tales together.

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Really Hard be a Good Masai

Gabriele Neudecker | ,

This portrait grants an intriguing insight into the live of adolescent Masai-warriors.

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