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Themerson & Themerson

Wiktoria Szymanska | , ,

The documentary presents us with two British artists of Polish origin: the late Stefan and Franciska Themerson.

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Guilherme Hoffmann | ,

The underground wanderings of a not-so-young Brazilian student who, without knowing what to look for in life, goes to the Paris subway to meet those he values most... the strangers.

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Patrick Kack-Brice |

The Beverley is the last cinema in Paris—maybe the world—still screening 35mm porn films. MAURICE captures the owner/projectionist clinging to a dying art as his entire world slips towards dodo-like extinction.

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The Chewing Gum Man

Ana de la Válgoma Romero |

“Sometimes things are not what they seem to be at first sight. When I first noticed Ben Wilson, I thought he was homeless. But sometimes you just have to take a closer look at things.”

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I Loved You So Much



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Mosaic Europe

Anna Luttgering, Ira Hartmann |

What do people far away from Europe think of us: “What is Europe for you?” is the question that directors Anna Lüttgering and Ira Hartmann asked 100 Senegalese. The answers....

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Agadez: The Music and the Rebellion

Ron Wyman |

Tuareg guitarist Omara "Bombino" Moctar of Niger, leads a new generation in adapting to a modern world setting an example for Africa.

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Christophe Hermans |

Sophie lives alone. She spends her time between small jobs and moving flat. She creates a sculpture of her body, to fill the empty space of her life.

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A Spoon in the Pocket

Mireia Ibars |

Mireia returns to Barcelona after a few years working in Paris and starts to ask question about her grandfather’s past exile in France.

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