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Looking for Lara

Flavio Frederico |

Through a personal investigation of her niece, Mariana, the film recovers the life of the guerrilla Lara Lavelberg, one of the most sought after targets of the Brazilian military dictatorship.....

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Ebb and Flow

Gabriel Mascaro |

Rodrigo is a young deaf man from Recife, northeast Brazil who works installing car stereos in a small dealership on the outskirts of town. Despite his deafness, sound penetrates his....

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A Mao e a Luva – The Story of a Book Trafficker

Roberto Orazi |

"A Mao e a Luva" is the book that inspired our protagonist, Ricardo Gomez Ferraz, to start a silent revolution in one of the most dangerous Brazilian shantytowns. He collected....

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Grandma Neyde`s House

Caio Cavechini |

It had once been a full house, full of family, food, laughter. Now Grandma Neyde lives alone except for her crack addict son, whom she protects and cares for even....

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Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa |

A director tries to make a documentary about a mysterious woman, and ends up a character in his own film.

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Guilherme Hoffmann | ,

The underground wanderings of a not-so-young Brazilian student who, without knowing what to look for in life, goes to the Paris subway to meet those he values most... the strangers.

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Paintbrushes and Panels

Vivian Ostrovsky | ,

A collage of archival footage and music about Paulo Werneck, one of Oscar Niemeyer's collaborators.

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Blue Night Club

Cássio Pereira dos Santos |

The daily life of Juliana and Edgar, a young Brazilian couple who work in the coffee plantations.

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