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Kiro Russo |

About ten thousand people enter daily into Posokoni, the largest tin mine in Bolivia, and make their way into primordial darkness.

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Children of the Jaguar

Joint project by Sarayaku Indigenous community and Amnesty International | ,

An Indigenous community from the Amazon takes on the combined might of government and oil company as they try to drill on their ancestral land.

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Afarin Eghbal |

An old woman looks forward to becoming a grandmother. However, historic events force her to wait over 30 years.

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Fishing in Esperanza

Anders Flatlandsmo | ,

A filmmaker, a society and a fisherman, all hoping for something, a change, a basic incident to happen.

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IBIZA Occident


In the Hollywood of electronic music, musicians, DJs, gogos and promoters are working on a sophisticated entertainment machine to satisfy stressed-out Western society's desire for fun, sex and freedom.

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Olatz González Abrisketa |

A black sock, white thread, a needle, a thimble and a plea: 'Santitum zaina urtu, zaina bere lekuen sartu', in a mixture of Latin and Basque. This is the full....

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Crossed Out

Roberto Duarte | ,

Roberto's grandmother denies two of her children and no one in the family has ever dared talk to her about it…

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Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa |

A director tries to make a documentary about a mysterious woman, and ends up a character in his own film.

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Aris Chatzistefanou, Katerina Kitidi |

The causes of the Greek debt crisis and solutions sidelined by the mainstream media

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David Riondino |

Romeo and Juliet retold in improvised verse by Cuba's poets.

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