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Sebastián Mayayo, Ramiro Ozer Ami |

A Finnish factory. A conflict between two South American countries. A woman caught between two men.

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El Medico – The Cubaton Story


Feature length documentary about the Cuban doctor Raynier Casamajor and his colorful struggle to become an international music artist.

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The Chewing Gum Man

Ana de la Válgoma Romero |

“Sometimes things are not what they seem to be at first sight. When I first noticed Ben Wilson, I thought he was homeless. But sometimes you just have to take a closer look at things.”

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Karla’s Arrival

Koen Suidgeest |

Teenage mother Sujeylin Aguilar raises her newborn on the same streets she herself grew up in. Set in Managua, Nicaragua, the film explores the universal issue of second-generation street children. ....

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Maids and Bosses

Abner Benaim |

Through the very peculiar relations between several live-in housemaids and their employers, Maids and Bosses evaluates human relations between social classes in Latin America. Rich and poor, under the same....

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The Chilean Building

Macarena Aguiló |

It's the story of the Project Home, a piece of my life, a deep look into my childhood and its consequences.

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Beyond the Sea

Veronika Kaserer | ,

Another world awaits beyond the sea. For 19-year-old Heidi that world is Argentina.

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Guañape Sur

János Richter | ,

No soil, no water, but hundreds of thousands of birds.

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