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Jean-Louis Schuller, Sam Blai |

Four gamblers take us on a journey into the world of winners and losers created by a culture of speculation, addiction and debt

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Anti-stigma the documentary is an insight into the artistic interpretations and perspectives of six individuals who have been diagnosed with a severe disorder of mental health

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Karla’s Arrival

Koen Suidgeest |

Teenage mother Sujeylin Aguilar raises her newborn on the same streets she herself grew up in. Set in Managua, Nicaragua, the film explores the universal issue of second-generation street children. ....

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Gadi Lohardaga Mail

Biju Toppo, Meghmath |

An emotional journey with the travellers reminiscing about the train and the memories associated with it.

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A Screening at the Tatry Cinema

Igor Chojna |

Dariusz Ambroszczyk runs one of the oldest cinemas in Łódź – Tatry. He is boss of the cinema and its only employee at the same time, so among his duties....

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A Piece of Summer

Marta Minorowicz |

It's the last days of the summer holidays. A grandfather, who works in Bieszczady Mountains, awaits the arrival of his grandson. Surrounded by nature, they try to reach an understanding....

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Out of Reach

Jakub Stożek |

Karolina and Natalia seek refuge from their domineering father in the basement of their block of flats, where they reminisce about a sad childhood without a mother. When the younger....

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Tomasz Wolski |

A documentary by Tomasz Wolski that focuses on a slow, fragmentary observation of a small part of reality. It centre is in the market square of a small town somewhere....

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Where the Sun Doesn’t Rush

Matej Bobrik |

A small village in Slovakia consists almost entirely of the elderly. With nothing much in town to occupy the residents, their lives seem to revolve around the public announcements that....

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Maids and Bosses

Abner Benaim |

Through the very peculiar relations between several live-in housemaids and their employers, Maids and Bosses evaluates human relations between social classes in Latin America. Rich and poor, under the same....

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