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One Foot on the Ground

Matthew Copson |

The story of Andrei, a young and promising basketball player growing up in Moldova, a European country still coming to terms with the break up of the Soviet Union in....

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Silent Veil

Milt Alvarez |

This is a story of the strength and resilience of the human spirit of girls who have been brutalized in Pakistan and of a woman who is helping for them rise above their life changing events.

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Beneath the Sky

Ismet Lisica |

Beneath the sky is a documentary film based on the war footage of cameraman, Sulejman Mulaomerovic

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Waiting on a Thousand Dreams

Kaysad Kiara, Nabiha Khan, Sarah Ismail |

A dialogue between two people, who speak of themselves as Pakistanis struggling to be treated as individuals rather than a number.....

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Open the Blindfolds

Ali Ahmed, Brohi Summaiya, Hafeez Talha |

Following 3 characters at a missionary school where pupils of different faiths study and work together in an environment of peace and harmony.....

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I Witness

Ali Ahad Ullah, Ali Changezi |

The film follows the story of survivors of the 28 December 2009 terrorist tragedy in Karachi.....

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Paper Bus

Bilal Latif, Sehar Palijo |

How does an ordinary man rebuild his life after losing everything?....

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